• The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

    糖果的任务是在一个前所未有的时刻——在多重人道主义危机之中——重振该中心的在线形象! 该中心作为一个博物馆和文化机构,在2020年的大流行病和种族抗议中发挥了重要作用. 他们需要一个易于浏览的网站,以提高人权的可见度, increase visitation and inspire action. 糖果游戏app官网下载与中心始终携手合作,在中心因新冠肺炎疫情关闭后,及时启动并重新开放.

    Experience the The Center for 你rself safely in person or 在线.

  • The Intersect Group

    When it was time for a new website, 机密数据库集团(TIG)想要人性化的工作人员和真正磨练在他们的专业领域. 工作ing 在一起 with TIG, Sol was able to achieve this request with a light and airy design, authentic 摄影 and fun 插图s. 新, 流线型的导航把网站访问量最大的页面放在了最前面和最中心的位置,让人才和人才寻求者都能很容易地找到他们需要的资源. 糖果游戏app官网下载很自豪能够帮助TIG彻底改变人才对话.

    Experience the work for 你rself…现在运输.

  • Nathan Cummings Foundation

    Sol于2018年12月完成Nathan Cummings基金会网站的设计和开发. 新网站赋予基金会大胆的新声音以生命,并作为扩大基金会受保伙伴的渠道. During the process, Sol与广泛的利益相关者合作,完成了一个全面的内容策略,确定了一种新的方法,用标签和颜色编码对站点的健壮内容进行分类.

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  • Blacklidge Emulsions

    Blacklidge Emulsions, a leading asphalt emulsions provider, 把业务拓展到本地以外,并在商品市场上建立一个高端品牌. 品牌重塑过程在两年内逐步停止,以更新品牌的所有元素,从卡车车队到社交媒体. With a focus on marketing and sales, Blacklidge has grown dramatically, continually surpassing quarterly goals. We are the agency of record for the Gulfport-based brand, responsible for all PR, marketing and thought leadership.

    Experience the work for 你rself…现在运输.

  • 亚特兰大动物园

    In the summer of 2016, 亚特兰大动物园 contracted us to design and build a new, 用户友好的网站,将迎合不同的目标受众,并增加他们的移动网站的流量和会员. 糖果游戏app官网下载建立这个网站是为了让来自不同部门的员工只能更新他们的部门, and the zoo leadership can approve content before it goes live. We also built out custom features to enhance the user experience, 包括Create An Itinerary应用程序和一个带有实时地理位置的移动优化地图. After the site’s launch in 2017, sessions are up almost 100%, page views are up 65%, and the bounce rate is down.

    Experience the work for 你rself…现在运输.


  • 玛丽.

    As Partner and Creative Director at Sol, 玛丽 strategizes with clients, 与糖果游戏app官网下载才华横溢的创意团队一起设计,与糖果游戏app官网下载出色的作家一起制作内容. Her goal: bring all of the working parts 在一起 into a cohesive, engaging package that gets impressions, 点击和销售. 她的爱好之一是帮助社会公益客户使用营销和技术来提升他们的信息. 她在纽约开始了她的职业生涯,然后前往南方靠近她的家人——一个最初的ATLien. She is the mother of two awesome boys and wife to Mr. Brian 亚当s (cuts like a knife y’all).

  • 亚当.

    As Co-Founder and Technical Director, 亚当 is our clients’ digital guide. Whether he recommends a custom CMS, a marketing automation tool or an internet marketing strategy, he keeps the business objective in mind and the best technology in the forefront. 亚当最大的优点之一就是用常见的语言来展示复杂的技术——经常在Sol的客户会议上听到:“哦, that’s what that means, 谁知道?” When 亚当 is not working, 他的运行, 骑自行车, 或者在迪凯特的家中与他可爱的妻子和两个年幼的女儿一起享受时光. 

  • 希瑟.

    希瑟是一名客户联络员和项目经理,为Sol客户提供价值和透明度. You may see her on calls, emails and slack channels monitoring, 优先级, clarifying and scheduling client requests. Utilizing her attention to detail, 她的目标是简化流程,将客户的愿景按时、按预算实现. She and her husband Ray are animal lovers with a small farm. Mornings and evenings, 你 can find her heading out to their barn and spending time with their goats, chickens and ducks.

  • 布列塔尼.

    布列塔尼 Gabey为Sol带来了近十年的设计和艺术指导经验. 2008年毕业于乔治亚大学,获得艺术教育和作品集中心的学士学位,2012年获得设计研究生证书, 布列塔尼 honed expertise in print media, 插图, and website design.

  • 詹妮弗·米.

    As Director of Content Strategy, Jennifer帮助客户识别他们需要的信息来提升他们的品牌在线下和线上. 她最大的天赋在于将复杂的内容简化成简洁、引人入胜的散文. Jennifer加入Sol之前曾在传统广告公司工作,如纽约麦肯公司和亚特兰大智威汤逊公司. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied copywriting and was awarded several ADDYs. 

  • 凯蒂·.

    凯蒂·是sole的前端开发人员——她使事物功能完美,并且在内部网络上看起来很棒. 毕业于佐治亚州立大学,获得计算机信息系统学位,辅修平面设计,专注于网络安全, 凯蒂· joined the development team at Sol in 2017. 在工作之余,你可以找到她的绘画,绘画,或在ATL美食现场. 中午时分在办公室里,你会发现她和特洛伊在争论午餐点什么. (They often settle on poke, ramen, or Thai.)

  • 特洛伊.

    Far from 你r average developer, 特洛伊 brings a multitude of talent to Sol—DJ, 平面设计师, front-end master and food lover extraordinaire. 在糖果, he’s developed website mobile themes, custom user-interfaces and this shiny, new website 你 are visiting right now. He’s fluent in web languages from classic ASP to PHP, CSS3 and HTML5 and has considerable back-end development experience, 使用MySQL等工具和AngularJS等高级javascript框架. And if 你 need a 好 belly laugh, stop by 特洛伊’s desk for some quick wit.

  • 玛丽.

    玛丽 Wendel has been programming since 2001, 她的职业生涯开始于微软,主要是为Sharepoint门户网站开发. Over the years 玛丽 transitioned into the Open Source community, which aligned with more of her clients’ needs as well as her programming acumen. 玛丽 has been working with Sol for six years, working almost exclusively on custom web application projects. She is also an expert in server setup and AJAX. If she’s not caring for her cats River and Kaylee, then she’s likely creating armor and costumes for DragonCon.

  • 詹妮弗·J.

    Jennifer is Sol’s social 好 practice expert and media relations guru. She started in corporate media relations at AT&T and then served as Corporate Public Relations Manager at UPS. 当她在纽约为瑟古德·马歇尔学院基金(Thur好 Marshall College Fund)建立了第一个沟通部门时,她开始了在非营利部门的职业生涯. 此后,她先后服务于克拉克亚特兰大大学、林肯中心、SFK-Success for Kids等机构. When she’s not imparting her wisdom at Sol, 你会发现她在乔治亚州立大学教授市场营销和公共关系.

  • 杰克.

    杰克 joined the Sol team in February of 2016. As one of the lead designers at Sol, he has quite the skill set—design, 摄影, 类型, 动画, HTML, magic… An Atlanta native, 杰克 traveled north for school, 他曾就读于东北大学(Northeastern University),毕业时获得了平面设计学位,并痴迷于公共交通. He also collects airline safety information cards. 杰克 shares the team’s indelicate sense of humor and love for seltzer.

  • 多萝西.

    多萝西 joined the Sol team in 2021. 他刚从乔治亚西南州立大学(Georgia Southwestern State University)毕业,获得市场营销工商管理学士学位, 多萝西 brings fresh ideas and perspective to the Sol team. She helps with all aspects of accounts from writing to project management.


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